Going Loco!     The Great Central Railway, Past and Present
by John Neave

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Past and Present - LNER 2-6-2 "V2" 7P6F

Well designed, and with a wheel arrangement unique to the UK, The "V2's" replaced the "A3" Pacifics on the last express trains on the GCR in the late 1950's. They were typically seen on the GCR named trains, the "Master Cutler" from Sheffield, and the "South Yorkshireman" from Bradford.

60945 of York which worked on the GCR in 1963
The "V2's" were well suited to the GC gradients and with small driving wheels gave rapid acceleration from the numerous stops. There were occasional appearances of "V2's" on the GCR up to 1965.

The first built V2 60800 "Green Arrow" was saved for the National Collection, and has been restored for Main Line use.

In 2000, 60800 worked on the GCR on 2 short periods, the first time facing South, and the second visit facing North, as seen in these 2 photos.


60800 20.05.00
With the apt "South Yorkshireman" headboard, 60800
approaches the A6 road bridge (9) on 20th May 2000

60800 29.07.00
Showing the lined green BR livery, 60800
storms out of Rothley (13) on 29th July 2000

I used to live next door to Peter Grey, works manager of Doncaster and Derby loco works. As he knew of my railway interests he gave me the name crest from V2 60809 "The Snapper".


GWR 4-6-0 "HALL" 5MT
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