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Going Loco!     The Great Central Railway, Past and Present
by John Neave

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Past and Present - BR Standard 2-10-0 9F

92218 on the 14-38 M'bone - Nott'm
approaching East Leake (5) on 20th Aug 1966

The most powerful class of British freight locos began work on the GCR shortly after introduction in 1954, replacing the "O1's". These engines became well known for hauling the unfitted coal wagons from Annersley to Woodford Halse - the so-called "Windcutter" trains. These freights would travel at 50 mph for much of the distance, and crews would complete 2 return journeys in one shift.

The 9F's were also good performers on passenger trains. The loco featured opposite was one of the last 3 steam engines built on BR in 1960, having a scandalously short life in the rush to "dieselisation".


92212 arrived at the GCR in 1980 after many years of scrap yard storage. With only limited funding the rebuilding took a long time, but now this magnificent locomotive looks splendid in steam again, especially in charge of the "Windcutter" train.

In early 1997 sister loco 92203, named "Black Prince" by its owner David Shepherd visited the GCR.


92212 on the "Windcutter" at Swithland (11)
on 15th Aug 1997
92212 powers past Woodthorpe (9) on
the 21st June 1998
92203 at Loughborough (8) on 9th March 1997

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