Going Loco!     The Great Central Journey from Nottingham Victoria to Loughborough Central
by John Neave

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Part 2 - Breakvan Permit; Nottingham Victoria, North and South

Entering from near the Clock Tower, now on of the few reminders of the old station at the Victoria Centre, the huge size of the station was impressive. The large roof had 3 glazed apex sections, and there were 2 main island platforms, each with 4 bays for local services. There were also passing loops on either side. With tunnels at either end and high wall excavations on the sides the station was truly cavernous. When the steam locos worked through the echoing noise was tremendous!

Permit   When I was the Secretary of the Loughborough University Railway Society, I was able to arrange brake van trips and lineside permits, as can be seen opposite.

On this special journey mainly on the Great Northern line to Derby I was able to photograph the south entrance into Nottingham Victoria under Lower Parliament Street, and entering into the northern Mansfield Road tunnel, 1200 yards long.

Nottingham Victoria South
Nottingham Victoria South
  Nottingham Victoria North, Mansfield Road Tunnel
Nott'm Victoria North, Mansfield Road Tunnel
Here is a typical scene at Nottingham Victoria, with a break van special working through. Note that Black 5 44825 has been cleaned for this working; A clean engine on the GCR in the 1960's was a great rarity (see 44825 Loughborough).   44825 Nottingham Victoria
44825 Nottingham Victoria

Part 3 - Weekday Cross, over Nottingham Midland, East Leake

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